Neck skin loses its elasticity faster than facial skin. The reason for this: the sebaceous glands are smaller, which means less protection, less flexibility and less ability for resistance. Also, the connective tissue on the neck is weak and fiber-poor. And, finally, the fat layer on the neck is particularly thin, so that the skin is almost completely devoid of softening layer. Since wrinkles on the neck immediately destroy the impression of youth created by the face – neck deserves close attention from a young age.

The main thing to remember is a good posture.

Head up, shoulders down, chest out – this ancient formula is the best recommendation and a way to keep neck elasticity. With proper posture skin is located smoothly on the tissue. Lowered chin and raised shoulders will involuntarily create wrinkles. Over time it causes creases and furrows, which can be eliminated only by plastic surgery. In a sitting position it is especially important to think about the neck and strengthen the spine from time to time, beginning from the bottom. An idea that you are suspended from the crown helps to adopt a correct posture. First you need to spread the thoracic spine quite deliberately. The chest is raised and the chin is slightly lowered. But nevertheless, a “second chin” is formed due to stretching of the cervical spine. Such a posture should be adopted, until it becomes natural. Correct posture during sleep is very important too. It prevents the formation of wrinkles on the neck, or at least it prevents deep wrinkles. A small rigid pillow or cushion is recommended, so the head can rest with outstretched neck.

And, of course – a proper skin care is important.

Neck skin is always lacking fat and moisture. Thus, it is particularly in need of cosmetic support. Therefore, carefully clean and anoint both face and neck in the morning and in the evening. If you apply oily skin products to your facial skin – the neck should receive a day or a night cream for dry skin. Important: do not rub or pull the skin when applying the cream! When you reach the age of 30 it is necessary to use neck creams with raised fat content and active substances. During the day it could be any day cream for dry skin, enriched with active substances, and in the evening you can use regenerating night cream. Actually, any cream rich in fat will only do good for the neck.

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