The amount of cleansing products offered is immense. Each of us can choose the most appropriate and enjoyable substances for the skin: soap or oil, foam or gel, cleansing creams or lotion. Almost every product exists in different versions: for oily, dry, combined or sensitive skin.

A good product should thoroughly clean the skin from dust, lotions and makeup, as well as from contaminated sebum, sweat and delaminated horned skin particles. To achieve this purifying effect, the product should remove substances soluble in fats (sebum, cream and makeup), as well as substances soluble in water (sweat residues).

  • In such emulsions as milky lotion and cleansing cream this effect is achieved with a mixture of fats, water and an emulsifier – such a mixture dissolves grease, sweat, dirt and makeup of any kind.
  • Cleansing oils become hydrophilic by the addition of emulsifiers and, combined with water, are cleaning in the same way as emulsions.
  • All other cleaning products, from cosmetic soap to detergent cream, also contain tensides. These are so called “washing-active substances”, which are particularly well suited for dissolving fats.

The problem with all cleansing products: they must remove everything that contaminates and overloads the skin, but at the same time, if possible, they should not affect its natural protective substances. There’s no product, which gives this effect fully, because emulsifiers and active detergent substances do not distinguish between used and protective fats or between sweat and skin moisture. Therefore the art of cosmetic chemists preparing the cleansing products is to select tensides and emulsions most suitable for the skin, choose the correct dose and to connect them with nourishing and moisturizing substances in such a way that the drying effect of the cleaning substances would be compensated. If an additional tonic or soothing effect is to be achieved – appropriate plant extracts are added.

One might feel skeptical when cleansing products are enriched with “regenerative” substances that, supposedly, have the best nutrition values. Such additional uses of the cleansing products are not only questionable, but also unnecessary. A good cleansing product should cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly – not less, but also not more.

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