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The greatest value of the company Galan Cosmetics – is it’s customers! The most significant success of the company - is their love and commitment to the product "Galan Cosmetics"!

~ Galina Mitsengendler

I cannot stop admiring the effect! Thank you for youth, beauty, and health!

~ Bronislava Kazanzeva, actress, singer. Israel

Things have changed for me since I became acquainted with the products of "Galan Cosmetics". Now I have a guarantee for my comfort – "After shave lotion". Skin irritation is gone, and I now have a pleasant feeling of healthy skin!

~ Sergei Sokolov, pilot, Russia

I loved each of the products I have used. The creams are not heavy on the skin, leave it feeling smooth hydrated and breathing. The cleansing products are just as great as the creams.

~ Katya Felton, England

I have been using Cream Se-bon and Silk drops for hair for a very long time now! I see amazing results! I like it very much! I am getting younger! Thank you!

~ Yuriy Povolotskiy, music composer, Israel

Every woman wants to be irresistibly beautiful at any age and every day without much effort. And I was presented with the opportunity to become that woman and pursue my dreams with "Galan Cosmetics".

~ Ruzhitina Alla, Cosmetologist, Kazakhstan

Galan Cosmetics Inc. is an international company that specializes in producing and marketing exclusive natural cosmetic products. 

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"Galan cosmetics" products are noted by high International and European awards for their outstanding quality. 


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VIP-client of "Galan cosmetics" - a status which gives you access to the privileges and other special features!

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Unfortunately, there is no proper practice of preparation approval for manufacturing in the cosmetics industry in contrast to the pharmaceutical industry. Due to this fact, there is a grey area where customers are made many promises of an action which cannot be controlled because there are no competent authorities.Read more
Almost all vitamins and minerals can be found in the skin, which once again confirms that skin and body have the same needs. Vitamins and minerals serve as a biological “ignition spark” to run certain processes.Read more
Although, as you know, beauty comes from within – the opposite is also possible. Because the skin is not only “mirror of the soul”, but also one of its most important “receiving stations”. It is very sensitive to any kind of physical contact. So, love pats are not only a nice touch, but signals for the soul, as they comfort and give you confidence.Read more
Cosmetics for men… Is this a commercial move or a necessity associated with structural features of the male skin? On one hand, the distinction between cosmetics by gender can be considered absurd. It’s like producing toothpaste for men, aspirin for men etc.Read more
Factors causing skin aging can be divided into two groups: internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous). Genes play a crucial role in the internal causes of skin aging. Not only skin type can be congenital, but also quality and resistance of the connective tissues. Unfortunately, we cannot change heredity. But there are many other factors of aging which we can resist.Read more
The amount of cleansing products offered is immense. Each of us can choose the most appropriate and enjoyable substances for the skin: soap or oil, foam or gel, cleansing creams or lotion. Almost every product exists in different versions: for oily, dry, combined or sensitive skin.Read more
Cosmetic allergies, according to allergists, have not increased in recent years, but rather became even rarer. Cosmetics became notorious as an allergen mostly because of the tendency to skin symptoms, that most allergies have (including food allergies).Read more
Neck skin loses its elasticity faster than facial skin. The reason for this: the sebaceous glands are smaller, which means less protection, less flexibility and less ability for resistance. Also, the connective tissue on the neck is weak and fiber-poor. And, finally, the fat layer on the neck is particularly thin, so that the skin is almost completely devoid of softening layer. Since wrinkles on the neck immediately destroy the impression of youth created by the face – neck deserves close attention from a young age.Read more

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