Galan Cosmetics Inc., established in Israel in 1994, is an international company that specializes in producing and marketing exclusive natural cosmetic products. 

Galan Cosmetics offers a variety of products, including face and body daily care products, such as creams, masks and peeling preparations, personal hygiene products for children, teenagers, women and men, hair care products, and special treatment combinations that address skin problems, such as mixed sensitive skin (with a tendency for seborrhea), teenage skin conditions, and excessive redness of the skin. 

Galan Cosmetics‘ revolutionary approach combines Dead Sea minerals with fruit acids, herbal extracts, and natural oils. While extremely effective, the products are very gentle, and provide the perfect treatment even for the most sensitive skin.

Galan Cosmetics‘ production process adheres to the following guidelines: 

Accommodating the physiological needs of the skin by using materials that are similar to the skin’s natural composition.

  • Avoiding the use of components that hinder or interfere with the natural metabolism of the skin.
  • Making best use of the unique qualities of medicinal herbs to significantly improve chronic skin conditions.
  • Using active peeling preparations that do not irritate the skin.
  • Avoiding as much as possible the use of chemical emulsifiers (including surface-active materials) to minimize moisture loss and to attend to particularly sensitive skins.
  • Minimizing the use of chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances that might irritate the skin.
  • Meticulously developing modular formulas that enable adjusting the right preparations to the needs of individual skins.
  • Adhering to appropriate production and hygiene standards.

Because of their exclusive composition, Galan Cosmetics’ products can be combined and used together to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment. The option of applying complementing preparations broadens the scope of the treatment with Galan Cosmetics products and the effects obtained. This modular approach is a distinctive feature of Galan Cosmetics that singles out its products on the cosmetics market.

We all have individual skin characteristics that differ from one person to the other, just as our internal worlds or external looks vary. Moreover, the skin constantly changes with age, the impact of climate and seasonal weather, health conditions and even moods. The modular preparations of Galan Cosmetics enable creating personal treatment programs that take into account all the factors affecting the skin. These programs can be modified or even replaced according to need without extra cost. Just as a small number of letters is used to compose many words, a variety of skin treatment programs can be developed by using different combinations of Galan Cosmetics products.

Galan Cosmetics’ products are suitable for use at home as well as in professional beauty salons. They have been recognized as professional products, and are exclusively distributed by estheticians or authorized cosmetic consultants officially appointed by the company.

Follow the recommendations of authorized Galan Cosmetics representatives, and you will realize that using Galan products is thoroughly enjoyable. Tending to your skin with our products will become a marvelous experience, and will make your skin healthy and relaxed.