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Dear friends,

I am proud to introduce to you this line of unique cosmetic products by Galan Cosmetics, developed by joint efforts of leading cosmetology and medicinal plant experts in Israel.

We have done everything possible to make our quality products available to all those who care about their health and quality of life, and not only to professional beauticians.

I truly believe that everyone deserves to benefit from our excellent effective products, whose safety has been tested meticulously by experts, and has been confirmed over many years of experience.

I strongly believe that the only way to preserve the beauty and health we have inherited genetically is by being in harmony with nature, and supporting natural processes.

The products of Galan Cosmetics are in use worldwide by thousands of women and men, teenagers and adults. Our products are highly favored by conventional medicine specialists as well as by alternative medicine practitioners.

I sincerely hope you will join the wide circle of people for whom Galan Cosmetics‘ products are the most favored choice.



Dr. Galina Mitsengendler,

cosmetology specialist, founder and president of Galan Cosmetics

Face and neck skin care

Body care

Strengthening and increased hair growth

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